Adventures Past and Present

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Bandcamp - Sharing Musical Explorations

I recently created a Bandcamp page in order to give new life to musical explorations and an outlet for the things I write just for me. Eventually project OSTs will probably live there as well, but right now the two published games I’ve worked on each have one track so…. that’s going to be a while.

Space Is Limited

In August I had the pleasure of working on a puzzle not-quite-platformer by designer Barret Vasilchik called Space is Limited. It was part of the GMTK 2019 game jam. This cool game is fun to play and sometimes exactly the right kind of frustrating. I had a blast working on a synthy musical loop to go with it, and made a fun video about creating the music not long after.

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As Halloween 2018 approached, GoblinWare’s thoughts turned (as is right) to haunted schools, creepy rituals, and creaking doors. In a whirlwind of creation, SOPHIE was born. The short horror/escape room game was really interesting to make, and watching all of the gameplay videos and reading comments and reactions was almost as much fun as sampling my creaky house and doing ghost-voices!