Giving Them a Home - The start of my Bandcamp Adventure

Composing for games is often like cooking for a constantly changing crowd.

The project you begin working on often looks very different from the one which ends up released, and the music you wrote for the original concept has absolutely no business existing in the final state. So…. I write a lot of music that winds up set adrift and homeless. Often, the music I like the most falls into this category.

Sometimes too I do some long-term exploration into an idea, using new sounds, playing with ideas until I work myself into the right mood and tone for a given project, and often these exploratory songs make me really happy even though they’re not what we finally use.

So today I decided to start giving these songs a home, and created a Bandcamp page. Hopefully putting my loved, but unfortunately orphaned songs out into the world will give them a new life.

If you like them, I’d love it if you’d consider sharing, and if you want to support me in my game dev and game audio adventures consider purchasing!