Trace Callahan began writing as a child in Dexter, Maine composing a musical on the fly with classmates during recess (because rehearsals are fun), and in high school composing works for the school’s treble choir and jazz combo she belonged to. She studied opera at the University of Maine while learning music theory and continuing to write. She spent time after college busking on the streets of Portland (Maine), playing in coffee shops and the best pizza place in the city as a member of the Maine Songwriter’s Association.

Although she has since moved to sunny Florida her music is still influenced by her childhood home, fueled by memories of stark, beautiful snowscapes, crisp autumn air, and friendly neighbors. Once in Florida she began performing in and then arranging and composing for musical theatre, exploring stories and character through music. It was while writing her original musical Better Than Fine that Trace was approached by a longtime friend and began composing for video games. An avid gamer, she jumped at the chance to be a part of creating them. Since then she has discovered a love of all things game-audio, creating sound effects, doing sound design, composing linear and interactive music, and pitching in wherever else she can. Both theatre and games gave her a chance to do what she loves most, tell stories through music, and she divides her time between them.