Trace Callahan
Trace Callahan
Music for Telling Stories

Trace Callahan has always had a passion for pairing stories and music, whether it be folk songs, musical theatre, or music for video games. She began writing as a child in Dexter, Maine where her pieces were performed by fellow students in the treble choir and jazz combo. A flute player and vocalist, she focuses on singable, emotional pieces. She studied opera and classical voice at the University of Maine but never stopped composing, taking her music to the streets of Portland as a busker, and to local bars and coffee shops as a member of the Maine Songwriter’s Association. Although she has since moved to another state the cold, stark beauty and neighborly ways of Maine still influence both her life and her sound.

While in the middle of composing her first musical Better Than Fine Trace was asked to create music for a video game and her life was forever changed. An avid gamer since childhood she seized on the chance to work with the stories, emotions, and wild unpredictability that infuses the video game world and has not looked back since, branching out into sound design and effect creation along the way.

She balances her game music and sound work with continuing work on Better Than Fine (currently in rehearsals) and performing in local and regional theatre productions.

I spent much of this week doing everything but composing. A week full of change, uncertainty, ups and downs, and not enough sleep to make the whole thing easy to handle. So I decided it was time to write something and get a bit of that whole mess out. Welcome to the inside of my mind.


“Sophie’s Lesson”


The theme from GoblinWare’s 2018 release, a horror escape room experience.