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About Trace

Trace Callahan is a New England born, Florida based composer, sound designer, and writer working in audio drama and games. If there's a story, they're imagining sounds and songs to help tell it. Trace is the sound designer, composer, and audio engineer for This Planet Needs a Name and the creator of *The Last Echoes. Their music can also be found in Silly Old Bear, Someone Dies in This Elevator, Starfall, Shadows of a Dark Past,, and more.

Adding the score

With movement and silence, music can add another layer of depth and emotion to a scene, a setting, or a moment.


Music from Silly Old Bear

See With Your Ears

Every setting has a unique set of sounds. The weather, the walls, the distance from large construction equipment and that persistent bird over there all add to the sense of reality and place in a scene.

Creating a new world out of layers of sound and motion has to be one of the most fun and rewarding parts of sci-fi sound design, at least to me! This was originally made for a scene in This Planet Needs a Name.

Demo Reels and Samples

Music Demo Reel

Sound Design Reel

Voice Acting Reel

Save Your Bombs

My first game jam - writing music for a puzzle platformer called space is limited, which i have yet to beat

Music for Romance - from This Planet Needs a Name

Music for Memories - From Shadows of a Dark Past

Music for Magic - From Someone Dies in this Elevator

Audio Drama
This planet needs a name - composer, sound design, izley kolian
Silly Old Bear - composer
The Last Echoes - writer, producer, sound design, composer, the archivist
(Queer) Pride and Prejudice - composer
Monkeytales episode 10 Reminiscence - sound design
Monkeytales episode 11 pumpkin patch - sound design / opening music
Shadows of a Dark Past - composer
Someone Dies in This Elevator - opening / closing music, composer (various episodes)
Starfall - opening / closing music
Violet's Study - composer, sound design
Hubris 1: Exit, Persued by a Ghost - compser, sound design, ms. torres
Hubris 2: The Green heart - composer, ash
Hurris 5: First Day - composer, sound design
City of Statues - environmental sound design
Sidequesting - noeck
#SOPHIE - music, sound design, audio implementation, sophie
Space Is Limited - composer
North Algus (in production) music, sound design, audio implementation
The Demon Hungers - sound design and engineering

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